One Small Victory for Healthy Mom

Yesterday morning my first grader told me out of the blue that Danny (name changed for snacking privacy) has Oreos for snack every day. Her other tablemate has Ritz Handi-Snacks. I have a feeling that her third tablemate eats relatively healthy snacks because my kid doesn’t have an answer when I ask her what Susan snacks on.

So apparently, through the eyes of my child, this is what I’m up against during morning snack:


I think this all came up because I asked my kid to get her snack ready. As she was surveying the kitchen she was not tempted by the usual fruit or crackers (Surprise!). So we started brainstorming and the Chocolate Chippy Roll was born.

I sent her up to school with a much lower tech version than what is pictured below – just cream cheese and normal-sized chips between a couple pieces of bread and cut up into squares. The report back that afternoon was that little Danny actually stole some of my kid’s snack (all in good fun) because it looked so yummy. I’m sure my kid gave it a good sell because she had such a hand in making it. But still, I was happy that, at least for one day, my kid was not the one with freaky healthy parents who send her to school everyday with a bag full of oats.

Chocolate Chippy Rolls


1 slice whole grain bread
2-3 teaspoons cream cheese
1 teaspoon mini chocolate chips

Cut crusts off of bread and roll flat with a rolling pin. Spread on cream cheese. Sprinkle on chocolate chips. Roll up the bread and slice into 5 or 6 pieces. Pack it up in an airtight storage container.

Yield: 1 serving
Prep time: 5 minutes

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