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  • Eat Your Way to a Restful Sleep from the Baltimore Sun via Food News Journal – “If you’re hungry before bed, have an easy-to-digest snack such as yogurt or a protein shake. Foods rich in the amino acid L-tryptophan–turkey, pasta, potatoes and plain yogurt–stimulate serotonin production, lulling you into sleep.” This advice is for adults. But I’ve sent the author a message pleading for a kids’ version of this article.
  • The high human cost of unsafe food from Food Politics.
  • Pitting Safe Food Against Healthy Food from School Lunch Talk
  • Rules to Eat By from The New York Times Magazine via Food News Journal. Micheal Pollan has a new book coming out that is about food folk wisdom. The Mulitmedia Interactive Feature featuring 20 favorite “rules” made me a smile.

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