I Heart Clementines

Recently, my three-year-old grew tired of clementines (gasp!). She is a great lover of novelty.  Here are a few ways I’ve found to rekindle the magic:


1. Drizzle with pomegranate molasses.


2. Drizzle with warmed  (or not) honey. Warm 1 tablespoon of honey in a very small dish in the microwave for 5 – 10 seconds. This is enough honey for two whole peeled and segmented clementines (not just two segments as pictured above).


3. Drizzle with chocolate sauce or chocolate syrup.


4. Serve with Honey Vanilla Yogurt.


1/2 cup plain yogurt
2 teaspoons agave nectar or honey
1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract
Tiny dash of cardamom (optional)

Mix yogurt, agave, vanilla, and cardamom (if desired) in a small bowl. Serve topped with chopped clementine.

Yield: 1/2 cup
Prep time: 5 minutes

You are more than welcome to add your suggestions in the comments. Thanks!


Author: Cindy

Born in Charleston. Raised in the Silicon Valley. Live near Hartford, Connecticut with my husband and two children. We have lots of tropical fish.

3 thoughts on “I Heart Clementines”

  1. Great ideas! My son has decided in the last week that he LOVES clementines. (I say decided because he’s had them before but was bound and determined to NOT like them.) These look like great ways to keep the clementine love going!

  2. My two year old has recently discovered clementines (yay! no more mandarin oranges in a cup for a while) – and she’s been going through them at a pace of 2 / 3 each day! I love these ideas and will probably try them myself!

  3. Considering that clementines are sold in those big crates, this is a great idea… you gotta keep up the enthusiasm or you’re going to be stuck with whole lot of fruit.

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