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Sit-down Snacks from Ellen Satter. Well-managed meal and snack-times can be a helpful tool in the beleaguered parent’s arsenal.
I wish I put my children off until a pre-designated snack or meal time. More often than not, they snack on-demand or when I realize it has been a few hours since they’ve eaten. How do you handle it?

Afternoon Snack: Yogurt Swirled with Peanut Butter, Honey, and Graham Crackers from The Kitchn. I haven’t tested this one, but how could it not be yummy? This morning I made myself some oatmeal with almond butter, nutella, raisins and slivered almonds. Also yum.

Pickled Red Beet Eggs recipe from ChowMama. I think my kids would flip inside out over these. I am also intrigued by these Tea Eggs from Cook Play Explore.

2 New Year’s Resolutions to Create Kids who Eat Right from It’s Not About Nutrition.

Good idea: Snacking Table from Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedoh. The stylish kid-sized chairs are a bonus, but the real genius is finding a nook in the kitchen for a small coffee table where the little ones can pull up a chair and graze.

Shaking off a Sweet Addiction from Little Stomaks.

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