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One of the benefits of being a food blogger, aside from the money, is that you know exactly what this is when you run into it at the Asian grocery. Food bloggers from my neck of the woods love to reveal what’s inside the frightenly beautiful and mysterious Dragon Fruit.



And now you can see why.

I kept my kids guessing for what seemed like months but was only a few days while the fruit ripened. When it gave a little when squeezed and felt like a ripe kiwi, I got out the knife.

Then we scooped out the flesh, quickly chopped it up, and placed it back into the “bowl” provided by the skin. It tastes a lot like a kiwi, but the texture is more like a pear. The kids liked it and it was some seriously good snacktainment.


  1. Katie
    4:16 pm on August 27th, 2010

    I think I want to come shopping with you!

  2. Anytime Katie! Do you like Thai food? Prudence Sloane is doing a thai food tour of A Dong market on Oct 16th and I just signed up for it.

  3. Sweet! My son likes to get the dragon fruit water on road trips and pretends it’s a potion to turn him into a dragon. I was eyeing a dragon fruit plant for the garden this year, but passed (for the moment) because I hadn’t eaten a dragon fruit yet. I’ll be hitting the Asian market soon…