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Has everyone been snacking on edamame and keeping it secret from me?? Actually, now that I think about it I’ve seen it mentioned all over the place as a great snack. But I never thought I was crunchy or worldly enough to take to it, much less locate it at the grocery store.

Luckily, I took the plunge and finally tasted some at a restaurant a while ago. And then I spotted some at the farmer’s market.

All fresh edamame needs is a five minute steam over salty water. When they’re done,  run them under cold water for a couple minutes to cool them down and stop them from cooking further. Et voila!

Popping the beans out of their shells brings some fun to the table. But I also genuinely like the taste. They remind me of a firm pea, but not as sweet. My normally adventurous eater has recently decided she doesn’t like edamame. But the younger one loves them. I’ll take it.

Working a new food, especially a legume, into my family’s diet is a bit of a thrill for me. Such is the life I lead.


  1. Lucky girl! I’ve never seen fresh edamame. It’s favorite snack around here!

  2. We’ve beene enjoying edamame in our house for years…it’s the one veggie (or legume as you point out) that I know my kids will always eat. We have some leftover in the fridge from just last week! When we had it for dinner my son gobbled all of his up before touching anything else on his plate. I’ve never seen it fresh either–we just buy the frozen!

  3. Edamame is a favorite at our house! We can’t find it fresh either (just frozen). Our favorite sushi restaurant makes Garlic Soy Edamame and my at-home version was a decent knock-off:
    Steam edamame as usual. Put a good amount of soy sauce in a skillet with finely-diced garlic and heat over low/med until the garlic starts browning. Toss in the edamame and let them suck up a lot of the soy sauce. Remove from heat and let them cool before eating. YUM-O! :) (P.S. I found your blog recently and have loved catching up on all your tips!)

  4. Tammy, Thanks that sounds super yum!

  5. My kids love to pop the seeds out of the pod….silly kiddos