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Yan Yan is a Japanese snack that my kids love. I grew up eating Handi Snacks. They will have fond memories of Yan Yan.

We don’t make it to the Asian grocery very often, so Yan Yans are a special treat. I like that they aren’t at our regular grocery store so that I don’t have to deflect requests/begging every time I take the kids to buy a carton of milk.

There are no nutritionally redeeming qualities here. In fact, the ingredient list is quite frightening. But, the packaging is genius. And I’m trying to chill out a bit and am allowing some pre-planned trash into our diet occasionally.


  1. There is always a place for planned junk food :)
    Thanks for being honest about the ingredients!

  2. coogan
    1:34 pm on October 6th, 2010

    What it lacks in nutritional value, it makes up for in international cachet. You’re helping your kids become global gourmands!

  3. Exactly!