Chicken update: 10 weeks old


I’m very happy to report that the chickens are still among the living. Sometime in the past couple weeks they passed from the realm of baby to full-fledged chickendom.  While I occasionally found myself wishing they had an older chicken to show them the ropes, they are adjusting well to life in their new home.

A couple of the chickens are actually friendly and the other four want nothing to do with us. My kids have been enjoying them a lot more since we opened the door to the coop and allowed them to roam in the hen yard. I never have to ask twice if they’d like to bring some table scraps out for the chickens to feast on.

I’m a really big fan of the chicken’s hind feathers. They are as soft as they look.

I’m also fascinated by their feet. Scared might be a better word than fascinated. Luckily, they appear to be completely unaware that they’re walking around on a set of potentail weapons.

If all continues to go well, the egg factory will swing into gear sometime in the middle of September.

Author: Cindy

Born in Charleston. Raised in the Silicon Valley. Live near Hartford, Connecticut with my husband and two children. We have lots of tropical fish.

5 thoughts on “Chicken update: 10 weeks old”

  1. Greetings Cindy Fix Me A Snack

    Your Blog is a total delight. I had put a live link to you on my professional blog HEALTH COACH but your security settings prevent it from working. I featured your crackers in a healthy snack post and that recipe link works. Would have loved to send my readers over to you from My Blog List…

    Best Regards, Valerie

  2. I just wanted to say I am a first time visitor and am THRILLED that I found your blog. I am always searching for healthier foods for my young family and feel like I just hit the jackpot with your blog! Yay!

  3. Just wanted to make sure that you know not to have any eggshells in the kitchen scraps you feed the chickens. My sister has an organic farm in Nova Scotia and apparently they become cannibalistic once they recognize the shell as something they eat.

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