2011 Lunch Box Under Construction

A friend, I mean a real non-internet friend who I actually hang out with and talk about everything other than kids and eating, just asked me what the heck to buy for lunch boxes this year. I’ve been wondering lately too. The clock is ticking and school’s gonna be here before we know it.

First off, I’ve been thinking seriously of buying these cute little eco lunch boxes ever since I saw them mentioned on Burwell General Store.

But I think I’m going to take a leap and get this little jobbie instead. I’ve always wanted one of these. And as long as my kid doesn’t kick it across the playground after lunch, it should last forever! My practical side likes this one because it’ll be easy to clean and has a handle. At Amazon the price is $24.99.

And if all you’re looking for are containers these boxes from Lunch Bots look perfect. I might actually pick up some of these once my cheapo Ikea tupperware gives out, which should be any day now.


I have to admit, that I do have a couple of these dip containers still kicking around from last year. The kids love apples and carmel or carrots with yogurt dip. So I’m sure they’ll be pulled into service again. A good tip is to freeze any dip that may spoil in the inner well overnight and then pop the rest of the snack in in the morning. I usually see these at the grocery store or Target this time of year.

As you can tell, I’m trying to be done with plastic as much as I can. I deeply hate cleaning out the creases in insulted lunch boxes after all sorts of juices and food bits have been stewing in there all day. My kids’ food may stay cooler in an insulated lunch box, but its also living in close quarters with giant germ colonies. I’m psyched to give stainless steel a try this year.

BTW, Amazon isn’t giving me any kick backs for any of these links. It’s just the easiest place I’ve found to buy all this stuff. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used anything like these products and what you thought. Or add a mention of your own lunch box favorite. Educate me!


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12 thoughts on “2011 Lunch Box Under Construction”

  1. I love the Lunch Bots box. It works really well for, say, carrots on one side and red pepper on the other, or even carrots on one side and hummus on the other. It’s easy to clean, has a satisfying organized feel to it, fits in our lunchboxes (the ones from Crocodile Creek), and (most importantly, maybe), is easy for my kids to open and close. I have a few of the Kids Konserve containers, and I like the size and durability, but it’s really hard to get the lid on (so if they don’t finish the food in there, it’s all over the lunchbox by the time they come home) (also I have some issues with spelling “conserve” with a K).

    1. Julie, You’re funny.
      Easy lids are hugely important when you’re forking over that kind of cash, IMHO.
      Thanks a million for the run down on your lunch box arsenal.

  2. Oh, and we are also obsessed with Snack Taxis (http://www.snacktaxi.com/). I have a bunch of different reusable snack bags that I got on Etsy, and we use those too, but I like that the liner in Snack Taxis is more waterproof, so you can put cut-up oranges in there without it becoming a huge soggy mess. A toy store near us sells them, and I’d estimate we have roughly a billion of them now.

    1. Yubo does look pretty darn cute. I’d never seen them before. Dig the built in ice pack in an easy to clean container. So many choices…..

  3. Shelley,
    Those dabbawallas are insanely cute. Way too age-specific for me though. After preschool they wouldn’t work anymore in my universe.

  4. Yeah, I agree. My 3-year-old does have this funny little Japanese box that’s supposed to go inside lunchboxes, complete with little cutesy animals on it and everything. But my boys would be kind of annoyed to get that in their lunch (and, truthfully, she doesn’t put food in it so much as carry it around like a purse). I’m going to push you toward Lunch Bots again. They could even work in a grownup lunchbox. And we also use them to house the leftovers for a dinner we call Big Salad, which is deconstructed salad ingredients, so there are separate cut up veggies that fit nicely in the Lunch Bots for snacks the following day.

  5. I love the EasyLunchBoxes! I got the set last spring (includes four divided containers with colored lids AND an insulated tote). What I like about them is that there are three sections but the lid is all on piece which makes it easier for little hands to manage but still keep things separate. We used them for school lunches but have really been getting extra use out of them at swim meets and other summer outings. They are BPA free plastic but really easy to clean! (Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for them but I REALLY do love them–have found so many different uses for them!)

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