Graham Cracker Report

I’ve been making a boat load of graham cracker recipes lately and am here to report the results of all my testing.

The winner (pictured above) is from Smitten Kitchen. Even though two of my favorite food bloggers (101 Cookbooks and Smitten Kitchen) figured it out a long time ago, it’s taken me quite a while to make a phenomenal graham cracker. Sure, I thought I had it all figured out awhile ago. But then I made these beauties and saw the light.

The only problem is that they are high in sugar, fat, and white flour. They’re really a cookie. And they are not simple to make. It took me a couple years to motivate to make these. Whenever I read the recipe and realized that I was looking at something more complicated than pie dough, it gave me serious pause. But like most things homemade they put their grocery store counterparts to shame and it was all worth it. The effort involved in making them will keep them in the realm of the occasional treat and I really don’t think I’ll be able to buy those cardboard-like grocery store graham crackers anytime soon.

I also made the graham crackers from King Arthur’s Whole Grain Baking cookbook which are a lot more like pie dough (and my previous recipe for graham crackers), flakey, sweet and nutty. They are also a lot lower in sugar and a lot higher in whole grain flours. But, at the end of the day, they just taste too different from the grocery-store graham crackers that I’m used to. I have a feeling that graham crackers used to taste a lot like this recipe. But somewhere along the line graham crackers were jacked up with way more sugar and less whole grains. Sounds like something that would have happened in the 70s.


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  1. I have done the research too – Smitten Kitchen wins hands down. And yes, graham crackers are a cookie, but these have no preservatives and use whole wheat… at least!!!

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