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I just spent 17 hours combing the interweb for healthy Halloween snacks. Along with the usual fatigue in my posterior, I think I’m going to lose it if I see another Halloween cupcake, cake pop, cookie pop, cake topped with gummy worms, or mummy dog. All that stuff is great (especially if you’re five years old). But I would like to tip my hat to the brave and creative souls that actually came up with ideas for Halloween snacks that contain something resembling food. My kids will have enough sugary goodness after the sun goes down.

A few of these aren’t necessarily specific to Halloween. But I see some potential there nonetheless. Please fill us all in on any of your brilliant ideas in the comments below. Thanks!

Monster Jaws (along with other goodies) from Our Best Bites.

Devilish Eggs from Martha

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds from The Kitchn.

Jack O’Lantern Smoothies from Joie de Vivre.

15 Healthy Halloween Snacks from Disney’s Family Fun.

Fruit and Nut Crispy Treats from Super Healthy Kids.

Bat Fruit Kebabs and Spider Cheese & Crackers from One Charming Party.

Halloween Sunnyside Eggs from Cute Food for Kids.

Bat Bites from All You.

Veggie Skeleton from Feeding Frenzy.

Pumpkin Hummus from La Fuji Mama.

Deviled Spider Eggs from Shockingly Delicious.

Chickpea Butternut Pumpkin Patties from Angie’s Recipes.

Toasted Bats from

Pumpkin Spice Cashew Cheese Dip (vegan) from Happy Healthy Life.

BooBerry Muffins and Ghost and Bat Beans, Monster Treats from Cook Play Explore.

Pumpkin Pesto Pinwheels from Steph Chows.

Ghostly Eggs from The Gourmet Mama.

Falafel Spiders from Veggie Belly.

Spooky Spider Crackers from

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Ghosts from The Kitchn.

Cheddar Witch Fingers from Sunset.

And last but not least, a friend of mine made Raspberry Rockets for a Halloween party and called them Goblin Eyes. Sweet Potato Chips would be another nice one.

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  1. Erynn
    10:30 am on October 18th, 2011

    Rachael Ray has little meat loaves done in a muffin tin. With Sweet Potato icing. I have made them for my kids and they are delicious. You could easily substitute the meat for veg burger etc. They are yummy and look like cupcakes

  2. wanda
    10:31 am on October 18th, 2011

    holy linkage. all great ideas! thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Erynn. That’s a good one. My kids are suckers for anything resembling a cupcake.

  4. These are great! Thank you! I am not opposed to sweet treats at all, but when that’s all they get at Halloween, it’s nice to have some fun, healthy alternatives to give them!

  5. Rose
    5:00 pm on October 18th, 2011

    I LOVE the veggie skeleton, such a great idea for a healthy, alternative Halloween choice. I get so concerned for children around this time because of the overwhelming and preventable problem of chronic tooth decay. I gave to American’s Toothfairy this year and am using it as an alternative for candy this Halloween. It’s a great time to bring attention to this national issue!

  6. Wow, what a great roundup — thanks for putting together such a great list! (And thanks for including my site too!) I’ll be sharing this with my 7-year-old today, as he works on his menu for a party this weekend.

  7. Fantastic List! thanks for sharing

  8. Darienne, Ever since I finished the list I’ve had this craving for purple potatoes that won’t be ignored!

  9. Hi Cindy, thanks for visiting my blog, I’d be very happy to offer you some apple pies :)
    You’ve got an array of interesting food here! Great blog!

  10. Thanks so much for the shout out! I love those pinwheels!

  11. [...] out this blog with some links to more healthy Halloween treats and snacks. By Steph Rice|9:13 PM|Busy Woman, Health, Raw Food, Recipes|0 [...]

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