We Have Egg!

It arrived a month late, but all is forgiven now that we’ve finally had our first egg from our hens.

I think I was feeding the hens too many of our kitchen scraps and they weren’t getting enough protein to produce eggs. A few weeks ago I cut the scraps way down. But I had still pretty much given up hope. The days are getting shorter here and supposedly output usually decreases during the winter.

But enough with the boring details….we have a hen that laid an egg! We’ve been feeding and tending these birds for months and months. The egg’s arrival feels miraculous.

No word from the hens (we’re down to only two from the original six – long story) yet as to which one of them finally stepped up to the plate. Regardless, one of them gave us a lovely egg. My taste buds were most likely clouded by the fact that the egg was from hens we had raised, but I’ve gotta say it was mighty tasty. (Don’t think I’m terrible and didn’t share it with my family, we all had a bite.)

The shell was thick which is nice. Thin shells bother me. It was a bit speckled which I’m chalking up to first time jitters. The yolk wasn’t as dark as I’d like. I’ll try throwing them some fresh parsley and see if that does the trick.

If you’ve got any other tips for me, please share them in the comments below. As you can probably already tell, I need all the help I can get.

Author: Cindy

Born in Charleston. Raised in the Silicon Valley. Live near Hartford, Connecticut with my husband and two children. We have lots of tropical fish.

9 thoughts on “We Have Egg!”

  1. Congratulations on your first egg! Don’t cut back on the kitchen scraps just make sure they have layer food. Chick starter actually has higher protein, than layer crumbles usually, so the protein level was probably not the delay. They won’t lay their first egg until they are ready usually 22-28 weeks old, we had one at 20 weeks once. Buff Orpingtons tend to be a little later in our experience. Americaunas lay the green/blue eggs – a definitely unique egg unique to a backyard flock! We rinse our egg shells, bake them and crush them up for added calcium, this keeps their shells hard! Their food is what changes the color of the yolk, corn grass etc.

    1. Well…one was taken away by a hawk (at least that’s what we think happened. It was just gone. We put some wire over the top of the yard soon after.) Then we decided it was the best idea ever to free range them and about a month later a bobcat came along and killed two of them. I got to see that from the kitchen window. It was unpleasant. We keep them in closed up in the hen yard now. The last one we dispatched with ourselves because it turned out to be a rooster and was getting way too noisy and too aggressive. Also unpleasant. But I was so happy it get it over with. So now we just have two. They seem happy together and are nice and quiet.

  2. I agree – keep up with the food scraps. Our egg yolks are the colour of apricots, with nice hard shells, we feed our chickens wheat, silverbeet, layer pellets and shell grit. They get everything from the kitchen except for a small amount I save for the worm farm. Even if they don’t eat it, it breaks down in the soil. Home laid eggs are divine!

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