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Even though I’m deep into this make-everything-from-scratch-with-locally-sourced-ingredients-whenever-possible phase right now, there are still certain foods that I don’t feel I have the right to acquire anywhere other than at the grocery store. Nilla wafers are a prime example. I stopped buying them probably because they contain high fructose corn syrup or some other evil ingredient du jour. I never thought about making some from scratch. I let out a little squeal of delight when I saw a recipe for them in The Commonsense Kitchen.

Is there anything better than a homemade version of a highly-processed childhood favorite? Or is it a symptom of how boring and ill-focused my life has become that I find it so thrilling?

I’m breaking a cardinal rule I set a while ago for this blog by publishing a cookie recipe. But I’m sure I’m the only one who even remembers that post. You’ll be happy know that this is in no way a healthed-up cookie. I think I’ve made peace with cookies. I say enjoy them, eat too many, and move on.

Vanilla Wafers Recipe

This recipe is adapted ever so slightly from The Commonsense Kitchen. These little gems are so so much better than their grocery store counterparts.

5 tablespoons butter, softened
1 cup sugar
1 large egg
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1/4 cup milk
2 cups unbleached cake flour or all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Farhienhiet.

Cream the butter and sugar together in a large mixing bowl. Add the egg, vanilla, and milk and mix well. Sift in the flour, baking powder, and salt. Stir well.

Spoon the dough into a gallon-sized freezer bag. This is a bit easier if the corner of the bag to be filled up is resting inside a large wide-mouthed glass. Cut off the tip of one of the corners and pipe the dough onto ungreased cookie sheets at least one inch apart.

Bake for 12-15 minutes until the bottoms begin to turn golden brown. Transfer cookies to a wire rack to cool. Serve or store in an airtight container.

Yield: 4 dozen cookies
Prep-time: 15 minutes
Bake-time: 15 minutes

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  1. Hey Cindy, your Homemade Wafer is a Recipe Guessing Game on Knapkins. Think your friends can win?

  2. Demi
    10:02 pm on February 7th, 2012

    I’ve made these twice now and they are fantastic! They taste exactly like Nabisco ones, but nice and soft in the middle like a sugar cookie. Great recipe!

  3. Jonathan
    8:37 am on August 2nd, 2012

    How large do I pipe the cookie batter?
    Quarter size?
    1 inch?


  4. Cindy
    10:45 am on August 4th, 2012

    1 or 2 inches

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  6. Amanda
    10:30 pm on September 23rd, 2012

    Vanilla Wafer… not so much… the BEST drop sugar cookie recipe – I think yes.

    I loved how they turned out (like sugar cookies). But I’m still looking for that hard, crunchy texture, any suggestions?

  7. Renna
    4:58 am on November 15th, 2012

    I made this according to the recipe and got 5 dozens of yummy cookies, hope you can post something easy like this again!

  8. Garnetta
    10:12 am on December 17th, 2012

    These were amazing. I like them better than Nilla’s. I used them to make the most amazing banana pudding i have ever tasted. Thanks for posting this recipe.

  9. Great! Thanks Garnetta.

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  11. Thanks so much! I am going to make these today for a banana pudding recipe =)
    Love it.

  12. Came out great, so delicious thank you! Note: I think the pan does need to be greased! Mine stuck a bit.

  13. Excellent. Thanks Rose.

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  15. Stan
    8:45 pm on July 31st, 2014

    Great recipe, good simple ingredients, converted the recipe x 4 used the cookies in banana pudding came out better than I ever made its
    Thank u :)

  16. Josh
    5:49 pm on August 11th, 2014

    Hello, I love these cookies, but like the hard crunchy texture you would get with store-bought Nilla brand. These are chewy. Any ideas on how to make it crunchy?

  17. dora valverde
    9:10 am on March 21st, 2015

    i was looking for a vanilla cookie recipe and there you were. your children will be healthier because you read labels. you are their hero i am sure.

  18. Jenn
    9:50 am on March 28th, 2015

    These were so simple and so delicious! I was able to get just over 100 little cookies with this recipe. I reduced the sugar by a quarter cup, and they were still so great! Thanks for the recipe! :)

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  21. To Josh and Amanda, anytime you add butter to a recipe it softens the product. If you want a hard crunchy vanilla wafer recipe I found two recipes by googling hard crunchy vanilla wafers. The recipe calls for shortening instead of butter and the addition of powder sugar. Good luck!

  22. Agnes
    1:17 pm on October 28th, 2015

    Can I freeze them? Will they still taste good?

  23. Wendy
    9:48 am on July 9th, 2016

    After tasting these cookies my daughter told me I never had to make any other kind! I’ve been baking for years so that was a shocker. I can’t keep them in the house. Oh so good.