Fix Me A Snack

A blog created by a mom who got sick of feeding her kids crackers and ice cream

Hi! My name’s Cindy. Welcome.

I started writing this blog in 2008. I was “inspired” by my youngest daughter who became a too-busy-to-eat, highly selective grazer sometime during early toddlerhood. After thrashing around for a way to get her to eat something resembling a healthy diet, I came to the conclusion that almost everything I offered her needed to have some redeeming qualities. At the same time, my eldest was gaining a little too much weight. It wasn’t a big concern, but I was trying to select foods that wouldn’t exacerbate what might be a growing problem.

I like to think that my family’s diet is a relatively healthy one. But I started to notice that our snacks were a weak spot. The craziness of everyday life with small children made it not only easy but necessary to reach for whatever required the least effort (i.e., highly-processed, nutritionally empty foods). All of the junk that my toddler was holding out for had to go. We replaced it with fruit, veggies, and all the recipes you can find on this blog.

Fix Me A Snack documents my family’s quest to develop a bevy of healthy snack options and have some fun along the way. Writing this blog has taught me oodles about real food and eating.  It’s taken me to places I never pictured myself going. And while there are still plenty of days when my kids ask me for junk food, and even a few when we eat it, there have been plenty of victories that have given healthy snacking a good name. Snacks that are hands-down winners for my family are categorized as Favorites.

Before I became a self-appointed snack guru, I was an artist and a librarian. But since I had kids the only art I’ve made has been some kick-ass finger paintings and the only time I spend in libraries is in the Children’s Room. I currently live in central Connecticut (USA) with my husband, two daughters, two cats, fish, and chickens. I am a stay-at-home mom.