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Is it possible to dine out politely with kids? by Francis Lam on Salon via @foodista.

In Praise of Junkfood by Brett Berk at Babble. “Why giving kids only food that is good for them is a bad idea.”

Beyond the Dirty Dozen from Nutrition Data blog. Apparently, we consume 50% of our lifetime load of pesticides before the age of five! But don’t stop buying fruits and veggies if you can’t get organic. Odds of cancer caused by pesticides are slim (how comforting!).


Web morsels

4 Essential Guacamole Tips from Rick Bayless from The BA Foodist via A Mouthful.

Deconstructed Dinner: The Answer from Dinner: A Love Story. Over-arching philosophy for making meals palatable to grown-ups and kids alike. There is a treasure trove of denconstructable dinners ideas as well.

Fructose: poison or nutrient (or both)? from Nutrition Data blog.

Mistakes Parents Make When Feeding Their Kids by Joy Bauer via @simplebites. Guilty as charged.

Nature and Nachos: How Fat Happens from The Wall Street Journal. A concise summary of the reasons behind our health crisis: marketing, genes, toxic food environment, and of course economics. This article is a sidebar to another titled Our Big Problem.

Web morsels

Homemade Pancake Mix from The Naptime Chef.

Snacking and Your Child: Finding the Healthy Balance from Aimee at Simple Bites.

How to Make Homemade Yogurt from Small Notebook.

Essential Baking Books – a list complied by the James Beard Foundation. If you’re going to do sugar and fat, do it right! The number one book, Baking:From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan is a thing of true beauty and I want a copy badly.

Web morsels

Grilled Banana Boats from Aggie’s Kitchen.

How to Make Your Own Instant Oatmeal from The Kitchn.

Are Kid Friendly Foods a Defeat? from NYT Motherlode blog. An interview that contains some recommendations for snacking: eat something every four hours, avoid snacks 2 hours before meals, etc.

According to Food Safety News, the EPA recently listed BPA as a ‘Chemical of Concern’. Manufacturers are being ordered to determine the chemical’s impact and the FDA is pursuing further studies.

Calling a Food ‘Healthy’ Makes You Hungrier from Business Week via Food News Journal.

Cookies solve problems

A sage neighbor of mine just told me this morning that when my kids get a little older and are having a tough time for whatever reason to go and make some cookies together. She said it’s the ritual more than anything that really helps lift everyone’s spirits.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been told this since I’ve moved to the burbs. While it’s not the Midwest, people take their child-rearing pretty seriously here in central Connecticut and they seem to be doing a fantastic job of it. I’m thinking I’m going to take it to heart and try to remember this advice once my girls start to turn into tweens. If you find yourself with a need for some cookie makin’, I’d recommend Simply Recipes’ Heath Bar Cookies or if it’s been an extremely bad week go for The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies from food, je t’aime.

Web morsels

Frozen Banana-Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Milkshakes from The Kitchen. No ice cream in this milk shake, but I’m still jonesing to try it.

Fun to Say, Fun to Eat: 10 Ways to Use Guava Paste from The Kitchen. Guava paste has a special place in my culinary heart as my husband introduced me to it way back when. I’m sure it is 85 % sugar, but I still think you should try it if you haven’t already.

Super simple, healthy & yummy: Cukes & Ginger Dressing Dip from The Family Kitchen at Babble.com.