Fix Me A Snack

A blog created by a mom who got sick of feeding her kids crackers and ice cream


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where do you find the time?
I’m not sure. My kids play well together as well as independently (sometimes). I also try to get them to help me as much as possible. I watch a heck of a lot less TV than I used to. And my house is not as clean as it once was.

2. Where do you find all those cute bowls?
The ones that catch your eye are mostly from Asian groceries. The real work horses in my kitchen are various white bowls and ramekins from Crate & Barrel, Pier One and the like.

3. How can I encourage my family to give healthier snacking a try?
Let the kids “shop” on Fix Me A Snack and tell you which snacks they would like to try. Enlisting their help in preparing the food can sometimes help as well. Most of all, don’t go to too much trouble and don’t give up.

4. Did you try that recipe/idea I sent you?
I love receiving ideas and recipes from my readers. But I am also easily distracted. Keep ’em coming. We’ll see what happens.