White Cherries

How cool is it that I’ve found a food that perfectly matches my sidebar?

My family is having a grand time eating these cherries I picked up at the Billings Forge farmer’s market. After I ate a small bowl of them this morning I was overpowered by the sense of having eaten a lemon, but in a good way.

The vendor told me they are called white cherries. My best guess is that they are White Nanking Cherries. I’ll have to get more details from her next week.

While this is an exceptional time of year for fresh fruits and vegetables, I am happy to be reminded that we need not look to the latest designer cereal or energy bar when we are craving something new.┬áThere’s all kinds of crazy stuff growing out of the ground already. Use the summer’s bounty to get your kids excited about trying new foods. Or be a good role model and sample it all yourself!