Excuse the lack of a snack recipe. Too hot to snack these days. I have a bunch of stuff in the hopper, but I don’t even feel like looking at pictures of food right now. Insects, oddly, seem much safer.

Here are a couple caterpillars we stumbled across recently.

This white fuzz ball is an American Dagger Moth. At least that’s our best guess. It’s in the fetal position here. Not having the best day apparently.

This green one below is a Red-Lined Panopoda Moth.

And here’s the icing on the cake, the first walking stick any of us have ever seen in the wild. Apparently, these can be kept as pets. But since it hardly moved for 10 minutes while I was taking photos, I’m sure the kids would be bored with it in about 3 seconds.

This one’s missing a leg. It got around just fine though. Cool little bugger.

And while we’re on the subject, here’s a giant millipead we found by our front door a while ago. Whenever we find them in the wood pile we get to harass my husband a wee bit because they turn out to be one of the few things in this world that completely freak him out. You think you know a guy…

I said the walking stick was the icing on the cake, but this Luna moth probably has it beat. At least ten of them showed up around our house on May 30th. There must have been a female nearby sending out her oh-so-magical pheromones. The males where thrashing around like crazy and crashing into all our outdoor lights. They were so beautiful when they finally took a rest. I took at least 8,000 pictures.

Did you know that these guys have no mouths? They live for about a week, mate if they’re lucky, and die. It’s so baffling yet marvelous.

I really hope they come again next year.