New Snack Category: Travel!

Due to popular demand (i.e. a couple of pesky emails from friends and readers – I love you all.), I’ve pulled together a new category for healthy kid snacks that are perfect for traveling and general life on the go. I’ve been thinking a lot more about this category of snacks lately and hope to be developing it a great deal in the coming months.


Web morsels

What Should You Do With a Ravenous Kid? by Frank Bruni at The Atlantic via Food News Journal.

Nutrition Lab: Stick with real fruit (i.e. Fruit Leather is evil.) from the LA Times via Healthy Child Healthy World.

How to handle negative peer (food) pressure kids get at school by Maryann at Meal Planning Magic.

Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water from Accidental Hedonist.

Web morsels

Fresh Watermelon “Cake” from Veggie Belly. My eldest begged me to make this one after she caught me gawking at the pictures.

The Only Back-to-school Lunch Post You’ll Need from One Hungry Mama via Simple Bites.

I adore this zucchini bread recipe from 101 Cookbooks. It’s relatively low in sugar, uses whole wheat flour, lots of zucchini, and the candied ginger, poppyseeds and lemon zest knock it out of the park.

The Real Reason Families Eat Too Many Sweets from Raise Healthy Eaters.

Web morsels

Kids Radically Changing the Food System by Paula Crossfield for Mark Bittman.

In defense of (some) processed foods by Ezra Klein for the Washington Post via Food News Journal.

The Magic of Yogurt from It’s Not About Nutrition. Dina provides a roadmap for introducing your kids to new foods using the ideas from Fix Me A Snack’s Yogurt 101.

Panel Suggests Ways to Improve Nutrition by Eliza Grey for the Wall Street Journal. News flash: “A federal nutrition panel says Americans should consume more vegetables and whole grains.”