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Is it possible to dine out politely with kids? by Francis Lam on Salon via @foodista.

In Praise of Junkfood by Brett Berk at Babble. “Why giving kids only food that is good for them is a bad idea.”

Beyond the Dirty Dozen from Nutrition Data blog. Apparently, we consume 50% of our lifetime load of pesticides before the age of five! But don’t stop buying fruits and veggies if you can’t get organic. Odds of cancer caused by pesticides are slim (how comforting!).


We Are What We Feed Our Children?

Recently, I read Peggy Orenstein’s article The Fat Trap on the New York Times’ website. Here’s part of the opening paragraph of The Fat Trap:

Food is never just food. Food is love. Food is solace. It is politics. It is religion. And if that’s not enough to heap on your dinner plate each night, food is also, especially for mothers, the instant-read measure of our parenting. We are not only what we eat, we are what we feed our children.

Not only what we feed them, but how much we feed them. According to the article, ‘good’ parents these days are expected to have normal-weight kids. An overweight child, especially a girl, is viewed as a failure. Reading this floors me. It’s true, but I don’t want it to be, especially in my own psyche. I hate hate hate to admit it, but a lot of the worry I have over my daughter’s health is centered around how others see her and me as a result. I never wanted to be this kind of parent. But is it possible not to be?

Another thing about the article that hit home for me was the unrelenting internal dialogue Orenstein describes that includes eating, social pressures to grow your own organic carrots, body image, and being a model for her daughter. Just reading about the fact that someone else is conducting this balancing act blew my mind.

I’ve never put it into words before, but I try to be thoughtful about the way I approach food in front of my girls in a lot of the same ways Orenstein does. I never talk about growing food organically, but I do make it a point to enjoy my broccoli as well as my ice cream. I try to stay away from my own body image completely. But with the girls I soak up and point out their beauty and strength as often as I can.

Have any of you out there read Orenstein’s article? Reactions? Thoughts?

Web morsels

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Essential Baking Books – a list complied by the James Beard Foundation. If you’re going to do sugar and fat, do it right! The number one book, Baking:From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan is a thing of true beauty and I want a copy badly.

Web morsels

Grilled Banana Boats from Aggie’s Kitchen.

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Are Kid Friendly Foods a Defeat? from NYT Motherlode blog. An interview that contains some recommendations for snacking: eat something every four hours, avoid snacks 2 hours before meals, etc.

According to Food Safety News, the EPA recently listed BPA as a ‘Chemical of Concern’. Manufacturers are being ordered to determine the chemical’s impact and the FDA is pursuing further studies.

Calling a Food ‘Healthy’ Makes You Hungrier from Business Week via Food News Journal.