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Homemade Microwave Popcorn! from The Little Foodie.

Clementines!: 8 Ways to Eat, Drink & Decorate With Them from The Kitchn. Speaking of clementines, check out the latest rage in the world of citrus fruit: the ClemenTINY.

Bias in research may not be what you’d expect from Nutrition Data Blog.

The Science Behind Double Dipping from the Kitchn. Mythbusters has cleared the way for us to dip at will, but I don’t think I’ll be able to stop yelling at my kids when they double dip.

Web morsels

I just finally got around to looking at It’s Not About Nutrition and I am in love. The excellent posts on this blog include: 10 Ways Improving Your Kids Snacking Will Improve Your Life , How Cottage Cheese Changed My Life, Parenting an overeater, and The Potato Chip Challenge: How We Decide Which Snacks To Give Our Kids.

Snack Attack: 50 Ideas for Healthy Snacks from The Six O’clock Scramble. You have to sign up to get the “free report”. But, if you use it like this mom did, it can be an excellent spring board for healthy and stress-free snack times.

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Lunch Lab from PBS Kids (launches Nov. 16) – “Join Professor Fizzy and friends in the super-charged Lunch Lab Test Kitchen, as they prepare healthy snacks, investigate the difference between good and bad food, and learn what happens once the food you eat goes into your body.” via A Life Less Sweet.

Warning: Food News Harms Your Child’s Health from Lettuce Eat Kale.

Travel-friendly snack ideas from Feeding Little Foodies.

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Dinner Table Myths Debunked from Health.com. Addresses “Clean your plate”, “Eat your veggies or no dessert”, “What my kids eat won’t affect them later”, “Sugar hypes kids up” and “My child won’t eat, he’s going to starve”.

Super Easy Frozen Yogurt Treat from Journey Into Unschooling.

9 Tricks to Make Halloween a Treat from Summer Tomato. My new favorite term: Rational Indulgence!

Whenever you feel like your child’s diet is a complete zero, pull up this article from the New York Times – Living for Candy. It’ll make you feel better in a things-could-be-worse sort of way.

Five Things To Do with Leftover Halloween Candy from Serious Eats. Leftover?

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Nori “crackers” from Bitten. Considering the source, I bet these really are yummy. I’m just not up for feeding my kids seaweed right now.

Study finds snack-making stimulates brain development from Japan Today.

Nourishing a sick kid from Parenting.com. Food and beverage suggestions broken down by symptom.

A Persimmon A Day… from Kid Appeal. If you’re like me and have been wondering if persimmons might be worth seeking out and what to do with them if you actually find them, here’s a nice little introduction to the fruit.

Introducing your kids to the coolness of food from Oregon Live via Food News Journal.

Chocolate-covered coconut ice cream treats from Nutrition as Nature Intended.

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15 Great Lunchbox Snacks from The Kitchn

Manifesto on picky eaters from Make Your Own Damm Dinner. I love this. A nice dose of humor/reality for those of us trying to feed small ones.

Fruit & Veggies Recipe Guide from Whining and Dining via @smallbites. A lengthy list of toddler-friendly fruit and veggie recipes sorted alphabetically.

Learning to Love Foods You Don’t Like from Summer Tomato. Brussel sprouts, anyone?

Halloween Recipes and Kitchen Projects for Kids from Epi-Log via Food News Journal.

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  • Eat Your Way to a Restful Sleep from the Baltimore Sun via Food News Journal – “If you’re hungry before bed, have an easy-to-digest snack such as yogurt or a protein shake. Foods rich in the amino acid L-tryptophan–turkey, pasta, potatoes and plain yogurt–stimulate serotonin production, lulling you into sleep.” This advice is for adults. But I’ve sent the author a message pleading for a kids’ version of this article.
  • The high human cost of unsafe food from Food Politics.
  • Pitting Safe Food Against Healthy Food from School Lunch Talk
  • Rules to Eat By from The New York Times Magazine via Food News Journal. Micheal Pollan has a new book coming out that is about food folk wisdom. The Mulitmedia Interactive Feature featuring 20 favorite “rules” made me a smile.